The most important at a glance

  • Freelance Data Scientist & Management Consultant with focus on process optimization, automation and efficiency improvement using algorithms
  • Studied demography (M.Sc.) and social sciences (B.A., demography, statistics, economics and sociology) at the University of Rostock, subsidiary subjects: political science and communication & media research
  • Guest student: Algorithms, complexity and cryptography, introduction to business administration, basics of marketing
  • Continuing education: Business administration (BWL), project management, relational databases/SQL & marketing (certificate course)
  • Internship: Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research (MPI), Rostock/Germany
  • Work experience, etc.: Analyst, Ramboll Management Consulting, Berlin (political consulting for federal & state ministries and authorities)


  • Data analysis and statistical evaluations
  • uni-, bi- & multivariate analytical methods
  • e.g. linear, logistic & Cox regressions, generalized linear models (GLM), generalized estimating equations (GEE), factor analysis, logit/probit models
  • Cross-sectional and panel/longitudinal studies
  • Model Calculations
  • Study and questionnaire/survey design & programming
  • quantitative method orientation (surveys, inventory data, process data etc.)
  • SQL/NoSQL databases
  • Data Mining
  • Big Data
  • Web development (including PHP, JavaScript, html, css, json), Typo3 / various CMS
  • Algorithms / Machine Learning / Text Mining
  • Market research, competition/competition tracking & monitoring
  • systematized & automated research and market research, e.g. competition analysis / tracking / monitoring, automated identification of competitors and new competitors, e.g. for merger & acquisition processes
  • Social Media Analysis / Monitoring
  • preparation of dossiers, studies and presentations
  • Database and algorithm-supported research
  • Data Visualization, Dashboards & Business Analytics
  • advice on demographic issues (population development & prognosis, fertility/birth rate, mortality/mortality/life expectancy, need for care & dementia, migration/integration/refugees)


  • STATA 16, Python, R, R/Studio, mySQL, Apache Hadoop, Spark, Tableau, several own tools

Other services & expertise

  • Address data management / data cleansing / duplicate matching / automated check for data up-to-dateness / merging of data / data enrichment / verification of email addresses & URLs / triangulation / automated matching of multiple data sets systematic, systematized & automated research and market research, e.g. competition analysis / tracking / monitoring, automated identification of competitors, new competitors, e.g. for mergers & acquisitions (M&A) processes
  • Trend tracking (in news sources/reporting, social media, product/product groups in online shops)
  • exploratory data analysis

Completed lectures & seminars

Bachelor's degree:

Methods and techniques of empirical social research
Quantitative and qualitative methods of data analysis

Demography I: Introduction to Demography
Demography II: Family demography
Demography III: Introduction to population dynamics
Demography IV: Deepening Population Dynamics

Mathematics & calculus
Statistics I & II
Data analysis I & II

Fundamentals of economics
Empirical economic research

Fundamentals of political science (introduction to political theory and the history of ideas as well as introduction to comparative government)

Media & Communication Sciences (Communication Sciences- Basics as well as Society and Communication)

Sociology I: Introduction to basic concepts of sociology
Sociology II: Introduction to sociological theory
Sociology III: Social structures and social sub-areas
Sociology IV: Sociological Theories
Sociology V: History of sociological theories

Network research

Research internship I & II (University of Rostock)

Master's degree:

Demographic and socio-economic data sources
Challenges of demographic change
Recent developments in demographic research

Regression analysis

Mortality analysis
Lifetime analysis / Survival Analysis

Migration and forecasting
Measurement and demographic analysis of changes in life forms
Social analysis (diagnoses): socio-economic future scenarios and what became of them

Demographic Research Internship (MPI)

Mental well-being in advanced age. A study based on SHARE data (research field epidemiology)