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Metro Daily (traditional Chinese: 都市日報; simplified Chinese: 都市日报; Jyutping: dou1 si5 jat6 bou3) is the Hong Kong edition of Metro, which publishes free newspapers around the world with 25 editions in 16 countries in 14 languages. It was the first free newspaper in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong version was first launched on 15 April 2002; it is distributed for free in the racks located in 49 Mass Transit Railway (MTR) stations except the Airport Station. According to the Hong Kong Audit Bureau of Circulations in September 2002, the daily circulation of the newspaper was 302,197 copies, making it the third largest daily newspaper in Hong Kong. The paper is distributed from Monday to Friday (except for public holidays), by hand or from the newspaper stands in 49 MTR stations and 11 other key central locations, such as big shopping malls owned by MTR Corporation Limited like Paradise Mall, Telford Plaza, and Luk Yeung Galleria (Chinese: 綠楊坊). Since it is free of charge and easily accessible, many people like to get one on their way to school or work. The paper attracts a younger generation of readers with a great purchasing power likewise, therefore many advertisers are interested in promoting their products on Metro Daily. The operating costs of the paper are mai... ()

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