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Le Délit, also known as Le Délit français, is an independent francophone newspaper on the McGill University campus, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Serving McGill University's francophone-student minority, Le Délit is a sister publication to the English-language The McGill Daily. Evolving from the Le McGill Daily français, French-language section in The McGill Daily, Le Délit became a standalone newspaper on September 1, 1977. Initially retaining the name Le McGill Daily français, the publication changed its moniker to the edgier-sounding Le Délit, a play on words; while it sounds like "Le Daily" in English, in French, Le Délit actually means the offense or the misdemeanor. Le Délit is a founder and former member of Canadian University Press and founder of the Carrefour international de la presse universitaire francophone (CIPUF). ()

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