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Jungle World is a radical left-wing German weekly newspaper published in Berlin. Initially founded in 1997 by striking editors of the German Marxist daily Junge Welt, it became independent after only a few issues. Today, it is published by the Jungle World Verlags GmbH in the names of over thirty current and former authors, editors, and staff as well as friends of the newspaper. Jungle World is known for its anti-nationalist and cosmopolitan positions reflect those of the "undogmatic left" in Germany. According to its media data as of January 2011 it sells roughly between 12.000 and 16.000 copies. The articles are published in the weekly's online edition in the days after publication. According to the German Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, the newspaper regularly picks up questions of the Far Left Anti-German spectrum, and contains references to Far Left activities. The newspaper has regular writers who are Anti-Germans. The State Office for the Protection of the Constitution of Brandenburg categorized the newspaper as one of the most important publications of the Anti-German milieu. The newspaper received a large amount of criticism among the Left in Germany due to its opaque stance on the upcoming Iraq War in 2002 and its criticism of then-Chancellor Gerhard Schröder’... ()

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