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The Jamestown Press is a weekly newspaper published in Jamestown in the U.S. state of Rhode Island. It was founded in April 1989 by Peter J. and Barbara Malloy. The current owner of the Jamestown Press is Robert Berczuk and its circulation is 5,500. The paper is published on Thursdays. The paper has served as the town of Jamestown's newspaper of record since 1991, providing an outlet for town announcements, school board reports, and other town-related news. Jeff McDonough owned the paper from 1990 to 2015, purchasing the paper from Peter J. Malloy shortly before Malloy died. McDonough also owned the Block Island Times for a short period of time, before selling that paper to Bruce Montgomery and other employees of the Block Island Times, though he continued to publish the paper after he sold it to them. Jeff McDonough later made local headlines when an ex-lover accused him of "playing hardball" with her competing paper, 02835:The Jamestown Journal, to remain the town's paper of record. 02835:The Jamestown Journal had bid an ad rate of $4.35 per inch to the town, which was less than the town was paying for ad space in the Jamestown Press. McDonough and the Press counter-bid at $0 per inch and remained the town's designated paper of record. Jamestown Press' weekly columnist, Sue ... ()

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