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TeessideLive is a regional news website serving the Teesside area of England. The website feeds The Gazette daily newspaper and the Sunday Sun, England’s best-selling regional Sunday newspaper. Formerly known as Teeside Gazettee, the website, mobile app and social media accounts changed to TeessideLive on 5 June 2018. The Gazette is the most popular daily newspaper in Teesside, and has been an integral part of life in the area since 1869, when it was founded as the North-Eastern Daily Gazette by the Scot, and eventual Liberal Member of Parliament for Aston Manor, Hugh Gilzean Reid. It was also at this time, that a first premises were established on Zetland Road, Middlesbrough. Historical copies of the Daily Gazette, dating back to 1870, are available to search and view in digitised form at The British Newspaper Archive.. Later The Gazette Media Company Ltd who also publish the free Herald & Post newspaper. The Teesside Gazette occupied the Gazette building on Borough Road in the centre of Middlesbrough for almost 80 years; and in April 2018, it moved to a new premises on Hudson Quays, Middlehaven. This houses the editorial staff as well as various operational departments such as advertising and newspaper sales. There is a further Gazette Media Company site on the Riverside I... ()

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