El Peruano

Diario Oficial El Peruano (El Peruano Official Newspaper) is the official daily newspaper of Peru. The paper was founded on October 22, 1825 by Simón Bolívar, making it the oldest newspaper still in existence in Latin America. In addition to carrying news, all laws passed in Peru must be published by El Peruano. It is currently edited by Delfina Becerra González. It is published by the Peruvian Company of Editorial Services SA - Editora Peru (Empresa Peruana de Servicios Editoriales SA - EDITORA PERÚ), a state enterprise under private law. The company was created as part of the national information system (Sistema Nacional de Información) established by Decreto Ley No. 20550 of March 5, 1974. This law included the various collective state media under a unified management, the majority of which returned to private ownership following the departure of the military regime from power. ()

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