El Medio

El Medio, which in Spanish means The Middle, is an online publication about the Greater Middle East, which is meant to represent the continuous territory roughly delimited by Mauritania to the west and Pakistan to the east. This area includes all of the Arab world but only part of the Muslim world. It is updated daily and features a combination of original Spanish-language opinion pieces with selected articles by known experts on the region that are translated into Spanish from other languages. A selection of the magazine's contents is regularly syndicated to mainstream newspapers throughout Latin America. Articles from El Medio have been carried by traditional newspapers such as the Spanish-language edition of The Miami Herald, Nicaragua's La Prensa, Costa Rica's La NaciĆ³n and others. At the time of its founding, the owners of El Medio stated that the publication's key objective is to seek out first-rate information, opinion and documentation to provide Spanish-speaking readers, leaders and opinion makers with a more balanced version of a politically strategic and economically pivotal region in the world. ()

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