El Imparcial

El Imparcial was given new life in 1933 under the leadership of Antonio Ayuso Valdivieso. In the 1970s Miguel A. García Méndez bought the newspaper. The headquarters of the newspaper was destroyed by arson in an act of political sabotage. The paper somewhat recovered and kept running for a short time after that with only one third employees. Eventually, the government expropriated the building where it was located. The last known issue of the paper is dated 28 February 1973. (Año 38, núm. 14,210) However, La Casa de la Herencia Cultural Puertorriqueña in New York City has editions from February 22 to March 21, 1979. After its demise, many of its reporters, photojournalists and editors went on to form part of the then newly created El Vocero newspaper, which many in Puerto Rico consider it its successor. In 2016, Ferdinand G. Aponte Rivera created an online edition of El Imparcial to continue the legacy of this newspaper. The new El Imparcial has new sections. You can find on the official web page Politics, Weather, Government, Crime and more. ()

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