E-novine was a web portal that published news and commentary from the former Yugoslav countries. Based in Belgrade, edited by Petar Luković, and "published in Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian and Montenegrin languages", E-novine has a left wing, pro-Western, pro-EU, and pro-NATO editorial policy. It is also known for its willingness to print defamatory and controversial stories based on rumour and hearsay in the vein of UK's Private Eye or Canada's Frank. E-novine articles employ a subjective writing style, with elements of gonzo journalism, and are abundant in quotations, sarcasm, satire, and profanity. E-novine's claims its editorial policy is not aimed at objective and global journalism; it mostly publishes critiques and opinion pieces that scrutinize the day-to-day politics of former Yugoslav republics as well as wider trends within the respective countries' societies. Apart from politics, the portal also deals with issues concerning society, culture, economy, sports and entertainment. E-novine has faced numerous libel lawsuits, including two by Emir Kusturica and one by journalist Stojan Drčelić. ()

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