Dik Manusch

Dik Manusch (Romani: See the Person, Se människan translated to Swedish) is a street newspaper published in northern Sweden. First published in early 2015 and focused on the Västerbotten province, the newspaper aims to help homeless European Union migrants – who are primarily Romani people from the Balkans, especially Romania – to support themselves, rather than being forced to resort to begging. Distributed for free to the migrants, each newspaper is sold for 50 Swedish krona, the profits going entirely to the seller. Another purpose is to create a debate in Swedish society about the conditions faced by these people. Preparations for the newspaper began in 2014, on suggestion from Ilile Dumitru, who had seen Situation Sthlm being sold by the homeless of Stockholm. The newspaper was created by the association SAMS, a coalition of several different organizations and churches in Skellefteå. The first issue – numbering 5,000 – was printed by Norran, and featured content created by various writers on a non-profit basis. The second issue, with 15,000 prints, was likewise printed by Norran and financed by volunteer donations. To support the newspaper an association called the Friends of Dik Manusch was formed. ()

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