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Das Echo is a monthly German language newspaper based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Das Echo began as the Das Echo des Deutschen Hauses für die deutsch-kanadische Gemeinschaft, founded by Paul Christian Walter in 1978. It first began printing as a quarterly newssheet for the German community in Greater Montreal. Like the majority of newspapers in Germany, it is a subscriber's publication with a comparable small number of freely sold issues. Das Echo and the Deutsche Rundschau are the only newspapers by an ethnic minority (German) in Canada to have stringers in most Canadian provinces and many European countries. Since its foundation, Das Echo faced the delocalisation of its readers from Montreal and the rest of Quebec to other Canadian provinces. Like their English speaking neighbours, many German speaking Quebeckers left the province because of the political turmoil and changes that followed the Quiet Revolution. In 1979 Walter turned the news sheet into a bimonthly newspaper and two years later it became a monthly newspaper, reporting about the activities of and covering information for the German-speaking communities in the Canadian provinces. In 1982 the title was finally shortened to Das Echo featuring the subtitle von Küste zu Küste, meaning from coast to coast. From 1... ()

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