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City Book Review is based in Sacramento, California and is the publisher of four book review newspapers. The company publishes the San Francisco Book Review, Manhattan Book Review, Seattle Book Review and Kids' BookBuzz on a monthly basis, and licenses three other publications - Portland Book Review, San Diego Book Review and the Tulsa Book Review. The different publications publish about 300 reviews a month from more than 40 genres. City Book Review accepts books for general review that are within 90 days of their publication date, and has a "fee-for-review" program for books outside that window. City Book Review began by publishing the Sacramento Book Review on a monthly basis, printing 10,000 copies a month and distributing them for free. The Sacramento Book Review was discontinued in 2011. In 2009, the company started printing and distributing the San Francisco Book Review also for free in the San Francisco, California Bay Area. The Portland Book Review was licensed in 2010, followed by the Tulsa Book Review in 2011. The San Diego Book Review was licensed in 2015. ()

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