Chastny Korrespondent

Chastny Korrespondent (, also known as "Chaskor", translated as "Private correspondent") is a Russian online newspaper. Chaskor is Russia's first periodical edition to switch to Creative Commons license. Chaskor publishes analytical articles, reviews, interviews, and news. "Chastny Korrespondent" was officially registered in Rospechat. "Chastny Korrespondent" became a beta-partner with Facebook at the time Social graph was introduced. The materials used include editions and reprints of collections of blogs, excerpts of books, reprints from trade publications, but most of the articles are written by authors who have sent their texts to Chaskor. Chaskor is not involved in the systems of banner and link exchanges. All the articles pass through the editorial. Ivan Zassoursky was the editor-in-chief of Chaskor until October 2011. Since October 2011, Julia Eydel became the editor-in-chief, previously a columnist in the "Society" and "Exotica" departments. In 2011 Chaskor received the Runet Prize. ()

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