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The Bronx News is a weekly newspaper that covers the entire Bronx. Founded in 1975, the Bronx News is known for its headlines and reporting. News stories range from crime, sports, entertainment and politics. The front page appears in color, but photos inside the newspaper appear in black and white. In 1999, Bronx News received attention for its coverage of the Amadou Diallo shooting. Recently stories about the NYPD ban on the Bronx Puerto Rican Day festival and the Co-op City kickback scandal have received wider attention. In 2005, Bronx News revealed how officials at a Bronx charity, Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Club, had misappropriated funds from the charity and transferred some of the money to liberal radio network Air America Radio. A July 29, 2005 Washington Times article highlighted how the Bronx News covered the scandal ahead of the major media. Since the weekly did not have a Web site yet, some liberal bloggers questioned if the Bronx News really existed. By contrast, other Bronx newspapers such as the Bronx Times-Reporter, the Bronx Press-Review, and the Norwood News had established Web sites years earlier. In April 2008, the Bronx News launched (, a Web site devoted to bringing the news of the Bronx to its readers. provides breakin... ()

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