The Bee is a newspaper based in Sellwood, a neighborhood of Portland in the U.S. state of Oregon. It was founded as the Sellwood Bee in 1906, and at various times has been known as Bee, the Milwaukee Bee, and the Sellwood-Moreland Bee. It returned to simply the Bee in 1970, and has retained the name since. The Bee was mentioned in Rowell's American Newspaper Directory the year after it launched. From its earliest days until recent history, the Bee has earned favorable mentions, as well as quotation or republication in, publications ranging from those in nearby St. Johns (which had common ownership with the Bee for some years) to papers elsewhere in Oregon, and occasionally as far away as Iowa. At the time of the Bee's founding, Sellwood had 5,000 to 6,000 residents. The paper was founded as a weekly publication with an annual subscription cost of US$1. Citing boycotts and labor costs, Founders Charles Ballard and C. T. Price moved the Bee to neighboring Milwaukie about four months into publication, changing its name to the Milwaukee Bee (with an incorrect spelling); but they returned to Sellwood eight months later, to offices the paper would occupy until the 1990s. Ballard sold his share to C. M. Thompson in 1907. Thompson and Price had some success in building up the paper, a... ()

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