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The Bangkok Post is an English-language daily newspaper published in Bangkok, Thailand. It is published in broadsheet and digital formats. The first issue was sold on 1 August 1946. It had four pages and cost one baht, a considerable amount at the time when a baht was a paper note. It is Thailand's second oldest newspaper. (The first newspaper published in Thailand was The Bangkok Recorder which began publishing in 1844, both in Thai and English.) Bangkok Post's daily circulation is 110,000, 80% distributed in Bangkok and the remainder nationwide. From July 2016 until mid–May 2018, the editor of the Post was Umesh Pandey. On 14 May Umesh was "forced to step down" as editor after refusing to soften coverage critical of the ruling military junta. He said the board of directors had asked him to "tone down" the newspaper's reporting and editorials on the actions of the military government, especially its suppression of free speech and election postponements. In a written statement by Umesh issued on 14 May, he said, "When asked to tone down I did not budge and was blunt in letting those who make decisions know that I would rather lose my position than bow my head." The Post issued a statement on 16 May to assure its readers of its continued commitment to "editorial independence"... ()

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