Arrêt sur images

Arrêt sur images ("Freeze-frame", also abbreviated as the acronym ASI) was initially a weekly French television program, created and presented by journalist Daniel Schneidermann and broadcast on La Cinquième from 1995 (renamed France 5 in January 2002) to 2007 and produced by Carrere group. Funding for the show ceased in 2007 on Philippe Vilamitjana's decision. After being taken off the air, Schneidermann created a website, @rrêt sur images (also known by the acronym @SI). A provisional form of the web site was in place by September 2007, a more-definitive one was in place by January 2008. The internet subscription campaign launched on this occasion was a success, despite minimal mainstream media coverage. From 2008 until 2014, Arrêt sur images chose to pay only 2.1% in VAT as the law imposes on the print press. In 2014 the French legislature voted that on-line sites would henceforth be indeed taxed at this rate, but the tax authority continued to demand six years back taxes at the higher rate of 19.7%. In the end, the National assembly voted to forgive the debt (of 540,000 €) in December 2015. Since 2008 a television channel,, which broadcasts the weekly debate led by Daniel Schneidermann, the literary program (D@ns le texte) presented most often by Ju... ()

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