Ara (Catalan pronunciation: [ˈaɾə], meaning Now in English) is a Catalan daily newspaper that began publication on 28 November 2010, coinciding with the Catalan parliamentary elections. It is the third most read daily newspaper in Catalonia, and the most read daily newspaper written exclusively in the Catalan language. Its regional edition, Ara Balears, is the most popular Catalan language newspaper on the Balearic Islands. ARA’s online edition had nearly 3.2M visitors in September 2017, making it the most popular online newspaper in Catalan language. The founding editor was Carles Capdevila and the current editor is Esther Vera. The president is Ferran Rodés and the CEO is Salvador Garcia. The newspaper's advisory council includes journalists Antoni Bassas, Albert Om and Toni Soler, all known for their work with the Catalan public TV broadcaster, TV3. Ara's content includes Catalan translations of reports and articles from the New York Times International Edition. Ara's founding shareholders were, among others, Ferran Rodés, Fundació Carulla, Víctor Font and the group Cultura 03, which also publishes magazines Sàpiens, TimeOut Barcelona, Descobrir and Cuina. Cultura 03 is no longer a shareholder. In September 2010, Antoni Bassas announced that he would participate a... ()

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