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Studies in Canadian Literature/Études en littérature canadienne (SCL/ÉLC) is a bilingual journal of peer reviewed literary criticism published out of the University of New Brunswick. Between the years of 1996 and 2003, John Clement Ball worked as editor of SCL/ÉLC; in September 2003, he was joined by Jennifer Andrews, and until mid-2012, the two collaborated as co-editors of the journal. In early 2012, the editors announced that Herb Wyile of Acadia University would replace Andrews as co-editor of the journal in the fall and that Cynthia Sugars of the University of Ottawa would replace Ball in the following year. Wyile and Sugars began co-editing the journal in 2013. Following the sudden death of Wyile in July 2016, Sugars became the sole editor. The journal continues to be published by the University of New Brunswick. SCL/ÉLC publishes scholarly and critical articles, written by Canadian and international scholars, on all topics and periods of Canadian Literature. The journal publishes twenty-four essays per year, and issues occasionally close with interviews with notable Canadian authors. Like other Canadian literary journals, SCL/ÉLC alternates between general and special issues. Special topics have included the business of publishing in Canada; more recently, editors... ()

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