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Stroud FM was a community radio station based in Stroud, Gloucestershire which broadcast from March 2008 to February 2014 on 107.9 FM and online via its website. It was launched on 24 March 2008 although had produced live radio covering the Stroud Fringe Festival many years before. The station runs as a 'not-for profit organisation' and also provides training for IT courses and radio production. In March 2009, the station marked one year of being on the airwaves. And then in March 2010, then Labour MP David Drew officially opened a new second studio at the station. In June 2011, the station launched a 'listen again' podcast service. A couple of months later however in September 2011, the station announced it was close to closure because of financial issues. As soon as the news became known the people of the Stroud area rallied to support the station with donations, sponsored swims, cake baking, bucket collections at the local Forest Green Rovers football ground, benefit gigs etc. The result was that Stroud FM won a reprieve and a breathing space in which to tackle the situation. Plans were formed at the start of 2013 to increase the broadcasting range of the station by developing a new location for a transmitter. On 12 February 2014, it was announced by their newly elected boa... ()

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