Stellar Magazine (stylised as STELLAR MAGAZINE) is a glossy Irish lifestyle and fashion magazine targeted at female readers in the age group of eighteen to thirty-four. It is part of the VIP publishing franchise of Michael O'Doherty. Stellar was launched on 15 October 2008 as the second of O'Doherty's solo business ventures, following the publication of the teenage-oriented advice magazine Kiss which was launched on 31 October 2002. O'Doherty had previously engaged in a number of co-ordinated business ventures in Ireland with his former business partner John Ryan; Stellar succeeded the co-owned establishments of Magill in 1997 and VIP in 1999 and preceded later titles such as the unsuccessful New York Dog magazine which was based in New York City and aimed at the city's animal lovers. Stellar's chief rivals are the Irish Tatler and Image. ()

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