SpaceNews is a print and digital publication that covers business and political news in the space and satellite industry. SpaceNews provides news, commentary and analysis to an audience of government officials, politicians and executives within the space industry. SpaceNews details topics in civil, military and commercial space and the satellite communications business. SpaceNews covers important news in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and South America from NASA, the European Space Agency, and private spaceflight firms such as Arianespace, International Launch Services, SpaceX and United Launch Alliance. The magazine regularly features profiles on relevant and important figures within the space industry. These profiles have featured numerous government leaders, corporate executives and other knowledgeable space experts, including NASA administrators Richard Truly, Daniel Goldin, Sean O’Keefe, Michael Griffin and Charles Boldin. Founded in 1989, SpaceNews publishes its flagship magazine 20 times per year. Brian Berger, a journalist who joined SpaceNews in 1998 to cover NASA and reusable launch vehicles, was named editor-in-chief in January 2016. SpaceNews produces and publishes several electronic newsletters, including First Up, First Up Satcom, SN Milit... ()

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