Souvenirs Garantis

Souvenirs Garantis (French for "Memories Guaranteed") was a network of French-language classic hits radio stations broadcasting throughout Quebec, Canada. Anchored by CFOM-FM 102.9 in Quebec City, the format was created by Corus Entertainment, as part of the Corus Québec group of stations. Under Corus ownership, Souvenirs Garantis stations were based in all major Quebec markets, except for Montreal, which had no station carrying the format full-time. The format featured a largely defined classic hits format, including music from the 1970s to the 1990s but mostly from the 1970s and 1980s. The branding was first used by CFOM-FM in 2005, though that station carried an oldies format since 1995. CFOM-FM acted as the flagship station of the Souvenirs Garantis network. In March 2009, Corus expanded the Souvenirs Garantis format to four other stations -- CHLT-FM 107.7 in Sherbrooke, CJRC-FM 104.7 in Gatineau, CHLN-FM 106.9 in Trois-Rivières and CKRS-FM 98.3 in Saguenay -- replacing their long-time news-talk formats on these stations. These changes also came following the closedown of these stations' AM signals, as well as a CRTC revision of its formatting regulations a few weeks earlier to permit oldies music on FM radio for the first time. These stations carry local programming, al... ()

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