Airplay40 is a syndicated radio-based Top 40 chart show broadcast around the globe on English speaking radio stations. It is based on the UK Singles Chart format, and is derived from airplay from subscriber English-language radio stations across Europe and the Middle East. The programme is aimed at English expatriates and tourists visiting popular holiday destinations across Europe and the Middle East. The programme is broadcast to over ten regions including Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Gibraltar, Oman, Dubai, Malta, Aruba and New Zealand, and appears on selected internet radio stations. The programme is hosted by Spencer James, and is produced by Fourway Media. Airplay 40 is broadcast every Sunday, with the website updated as the programme airs. The website also has the showbiz news headlines, forums for discussion of the songs in the chart, and about life in the expat community. Also there is a weekly showbiz news bulletin, with the main news in the world of entertainment, and a look back at previous hits over the years on the chart in the "Rewind" section of the programme. ()

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