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Academia Caţavencu (Romanian pronunciation: [akadeˈmi.a kat͡saˈveŋku], "The Caţavencu Academy") is a Romanian satirical magazine founded in 1991 and made famous by its investigative journalism. Academia Caţavencu also owns Radio Guerrilla [1], an FM radio station with national coverage [2]; Tabu, a women's magazine, Superbebe, a magazine for new parents, Aventuri la pescuit, a magazine for fishermen, 24-FUN, a free magazine for teenagers, and Cotidianul, a daily newspaper. In a surprise move, on May 29, 2006, Academia Caţavencu press group announced it was being acquired [3] by Realitatea Media, owners of Realitatea TV, and controlled by controversial and elusive businessman Sorin Ovidiu Vântu. Vântu himself has often been a target of enquiries by Caţavencu journalists. ()

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