7HOFM (call sign: 7HHO) is one of three commercial radio stations in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. It commenced broadcasting on 13 August 1930, as the first commercial radio station in its city. The station's initial frequency was 890 kHz AM, in 1935 moving to 860 kHz, then in 1978 to 864 kHz. The "HO" derives from the surname of the founder of the station Ron Hope, not Hobart as many may believe. On 1 November 1990, 7HO converted to the FM band - 101.7 MHz. The official call-sign was changed to 7HHO but the station identified on-air as "Mix 101 HOFM". It then rebranded as "HOFM", and on 5 November 2007, it re-added the "7" to its branding, changing its on-air name to "7HO FM". The first Announcer on the new FM station was Brett Marley. 7HO FM is owned by Grant Broadcasters and has local programming and news. The music format is adult contemporary music. ()

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