24sata (lit. '"24hours"') is the leading media company in Croatia. The first edition of the daily newspaper 24sata was published on 2 March 2005. 24sata rapidly expanded from print to the online, mobile, social and video platforms, reaching a daily average of one out of two persons in Croatia (source: gemiusRating, 24sata digital network 03/2020). At the beginning stages of 24sata as a daily newspaper, the focus was mainly on the younger population, but the innovative concept of news selection and presentation, with an emphasis on curiosities, quickly spread to all segments of the Croatian population. Its editorial concept is focused on the reader on all platforms, and it combines the most important characteristics of the most cutting edge media. In line with the global trends, in the past two years 24sata has been creating a digital revolution both in the Croatian and the regional market. It has been upgrading its digital-first strategy daily, constantly adjusting to market conditions, creating new formats, and reaffirming its leading position in all areas, from print to digital. Furthermore, 24sata is the most awarded media company in the region. ()

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