2BOB FM radio is a volunteer radio station in Taree on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales, Australia. 2BOB FM broadcasts on 104.7 FM. This type of station is known as community radio, and 2BOB is a member of the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA). "BOB" is an acronym for "Broadcasting on (a) Budget". The radio station started out by receiving donations from members of the community and was known for hosting stalls at the local shows and "Radio-Thons" in order to gain funding. The radio station has been broadcasting since the mid-1980s, starting with vinyl records and moving up to CDs. In 2005, the station sold its bandwidth frequency and made enough money to upgrade their broadcasting equipment. The station has had shows frequently run by students from local schools, in particular Chatham High School and Taree High School. Many students trained with announcers and began hosting their own shows. The station has had in its rotation such shows as The Breakfast Show, Lunchbox, School's Out (a show hosted by untrained students from local public and high schools - students were chaperoned by a trained announcer and would talk in between songs they chose to have broadcast), Drive Time, The Request Show and Midnight-To-Dawn. 2BOB also has a show called Stomparo... ()

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